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Stalking Jack: The Hunt Begins

(Madeline Donovan Mysteries Book 1)


Stalking Jack is the introductory novel that finds Madeline in London as Jack cuts the throat of woman after woman. Madeline Donovan is a complicated woman, distressed and ready to abandon life as she knows it. A recent tragedy has left her without the vision or moral compass to go forward. She is not leading her own life at the moment, it is leading her.


The journey she will take into London’s East side will show her sides of life she has never seen before and rather than being repelled by it, she is drawn into this dark side of London. After all, Jack the Ripper must be stopped.

Premade Exclusive Book Cover 1223 Ebook.
The Harrison: A Beautiful Place to Die

(Madeline Donovan Mysteries Book 2)


Goose  Island, a cozy little neighborhood in the city of Chicago, is in a state of excitement and anticipation. The long awaited luxury hotel, The Harrison, has been completed and opened its doors in their backyard.


But, coinciding with its grand opening, young girls are beginning to go missing. All clues to their disappearnce seem to lead to the Harrison. Madeline Donovan is hired by the family of one of the missing girls to their sister.



The Mystery at Belle Magnolia by Madison
The Mystery at Belle Magnolia

(Madeline Donovan Mysteries Book 3)


New Orleans, a city diverse in culture, rich in history, and home to voodoo priestess, Marie Laveau. Even though deceased, she casts a spell over the people in her ability to make her followers believe that mystical powers are at play. Madame Clarice has declared she is now fulfilling her work.


The Italian and Sicillian Mafia are at odds, each clan striving to dominate the city. These elements are at play when tragedy strikes, and a young boy of  mixed race is gunned down.

Everyone seeks vengence and is it is all directed at Belle Magnolia and the people who reside there.


SOME SAINTS PREY HQ Ebook version 3.jpg
Some Saints Prey

(Madeline Donovan Mysteries Book 4)


Madeline Donovan has just completed her case at Belle Magnolia in New Orleans and seeks a respite from her adventures as an aspiring female sleuth. When Emily Montgomery extends to Madeline an invitation to her home in St. Augustine, she happily accepts. But even on the train ride, Emily tells her of the mysterious disappearance of two men and their relationship to the city's notorious woman, Emma St. Fleur. The affluent Miss Emma is known not only for her beauty but her precocious nature which taunts all the eligible males in town. But now the city is hovering over her for a different reason, they want to know if she is somehow connected to the missing men.


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Silver Bells Slaying

(Madeline Donovan Mysteries Book 5)

Madeline Donovan finds the Christmas season a difficult time to be joyous. It marks the anniversary of the greatest tragedy in her young life. It's 1889 in Chicago, and the city is festooned with holiday decorations. She's decided this year she will attempt to participate in the celebration, but that all changes when the red box with the shiny silver bells dangling from the top arrives at her Erie Street home.


A Smidgeon of Ghosts

(Madeline Donovan Mysteries Book 6)


Halloween, a bewitching night, a time when the spirit world descends upon us and makes believers of us all. When Madeline receives a request to attend a gala on the night of the dead to assist in exorcising a human demon with murder on their mind, at first she thinks it is nothing but stuff and nonsense. But when Halloween arrives, strange events occur that will send her on a journey to catch a ghost.


Devil on Deck

(Madeline Donovan Mysteries Book 7)


It's frigid February in Chicago, and Madeline is contemplating traveling to London with her good friend, Hugh Scott. The purpose of their voyage is to visit Hugh's ailing father and the good friends she once met there.

But on the first night of the voyage, everything will change, and far from being an ordinary ocean crossing, will become instead an international intrigue and murder mystery.


Sweet murder small mockup2020.jpg

Sweet Murder

(Madeline Donovan Mysteries Book 8)


The sweltering summers of Chicago are present as June arrives. As always, Chicago is booming with new businesses and new ways of life. Anna and Helen have accompanied Hugh and Madeline back to America for a visit, and are now residing at Hugh's home. When the sisters become involved in volunteer service, and invite Madeline to join them to investigate a peculiar event, intrigue and murder follow.



Smoked in Ybor

(Madeline Donovan Mysteries Book 9)


Jonathan Frank’s Uncle Thomas is in Ybor City, Florida. He and a good friend, Manuel, embarked on an adventu

When trouble starts for them, they call on their nephew and friends to assist in Ybor. Amateur sleuth Madeline Donovan and her friends come to Ybor and find the city is also in the throes of planning for Jose Marti. He seeks to encourage the city to assist with the second revolution of Cuba.

Madeline finds it is not just Thomas and Manuel who is in danger, and then begins the conspiracy.


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