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Our heroine finds herself ill-equipped for the job of female sleuth when she begins her journey. Personal tragedy and an addiction to opium impede her abilities to get to the truth. As the series continues, she will grow in strength and leave fear behind as she treads into dark waters to uncover crime. Each of Madeline's cases will consist of a plot that is unique and not a continuing story linked to the other novels. However, you will find many of the same characters will continue to involve themselves in the cases she takes..

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Death at The Detroit

(Madeline Donovan Mysteries Book 10)


Ybor City, Florida is only miles away from Saint Petersburg, the atmosphere is like it is another place far, far away. Sleuth Madeline and her trusted friend Hugh Scott arrived at The Detroit with the purpose of taking leisurely walks on the shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico and enjoying conversations with Hugh Scott about simply anything, but murder.

But the highly superstitious, and charming Miss Lottie Parker implores Madeline's assistance in determining if someone is attempting to steal her paintings...and more than that...commit a murder! 


Smoked in Ybor

(Madeline Donovan Mysteries Book 9)

Although Madeline Donovan and her friends mission is to assist Jonathan's Uncle Thomas and his dear friend Manual from losing their smoke shop, it will turn into invesitgating an underground of politically motivated people who mean harm to everyone who does not hold their view about the future of Ybor City and Cuba.


Madeline Donovan Mystery Series
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