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Our heroine finds herself ill-equipped for the job of female sleuth when she begins her journey. Personal tragedy and an addiction to opium impede her abilities to get to the truth. As the series continues, she will grow in strength and leave fear behind as she treads into dark waters to uncover crime. Each of Madeline's cases will consist of a plot that is unique and not a continuing story linked to the other novels. However, you will find many of the same characters will continue to involve themselves in the cases she takes..

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Sweet Murder

(Madeline Donovan Mysteries Book 8)


The sweltering summers of Chicago are present as June arrives.

As always, Chicago is booming with new businesses and new ways of life.

Anna and Helen have accompanied Hugh and Madeline back to America for a visit, and are now residing at Hugh's home.

When the sisters become involved in volunteer service, and invite Madeline to join them to investigate a peculiar event, intrigue and murder follow.


Devil on Deck

(Madeline Donovan Mysteries Book 7)


Madeline Donovan finds the Christmas season a difficult time to be joyous. It marks the anniversary of the greatest tragedy in her young life. It's 1889 in Chicago, and the city is festooned with holiday decorations. She's decided this year she will attempt to participate in the celebration, but that all changes when the red box with the shiny silver bells dangling from the top arrives at her Erie Street home.


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